My name is Katherine Hill, and I'm one of the horticulture experts here at With springtime on full bloom, many are looking forward to and already planning how they will spruce up their home to welcome in a new season. As you know, the advantages of these improvements extend beyond just the aesthetics and feel good effects, and  can actually also increase property value in the long run.

According to a study by Michigan State University, for every $1 invested in landscaping, property owners will see a 109% return. Trees and landscaping in front of a house increases the home’s value by an average of $7,130.

Here at we want to share our recently published articles covering all things related to landscaping design, plant care, and share information about all of the available trees and plants homeowners can take advantage of in the early spring to update and renew their home.

For most, it’s been a long season of spending more time in our homes and redefining how we use our living spaces. Our hope is that spring will bring a sense of renewal and people are able to feel their house become a home again.

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